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The Shipping Agent for Microsoft Commerce Server configuration is managed by the ShippingAgentSection section handler. By default, the configuration section is called <shippingAgent>.

Attributes and Elements

The following sections describe attributes and child elements.


Attribute Description
applicationId Optional string attribute. The Application ID passed to PurchaseOrder.Save() when changes are made to the PO. The default value is "LOB Adapter".
ignoreInventorySystem Optional boolean attribute. Passed to CatalogSiteAgent.IgnoreInventorySystem when the CatalogContext is created. The default value is "false".
siteName Required string attribute. The name of the Commerce Server site. The default value is "Default".

Child Elements

Element Description
lineItemProperties Defines the line item properties for shippable and weight.
orderAddressProperties Defines the address property for residential.
orderPaymentStatuses Defines the order payment status strings for fully paid, over paid, partially paid, and unpaid.
orderShipmentStatuses Defines the order shipment status strings for fully shipped, partially shipped, and unshipped.
shipmentProperties Defines the shipment properties for height, length, ship date, weight, and width.

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