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Shipping Agent for StoreFront 7 Configuration (Version 3.6 and Above)

Shipping Agent for StoreFront can be configured to change the way the Package Insurance Value is calculated.


  1. Download to your computer and unzip the file to extract a web.config file.
  2. If you have installed ShippingAgent.asmx to a subdirectory of your site, simply copy the web.config file to the same subdirectory. If you have installed ShippingAgent.asmx to the root directory of your site, merge the contents of the web.config file with the original web.config file that is in the root directory. Do not overwrite any StoreFront web.config file with the Shipping Agent web.config file or your StoreFront site will stop working.
  3. Using a text editor, change the configuration settings as shown below.

Insurance Value

By default the Shipping Agent will use the item's price to calculate the insurance value. You can configure the Shipping Agent to use the item's cost as shown below.

Find this text in the web.config file:
<setting name="Insurance Value" serializeAs="String">
    <value>Item Price</value>
Change the value to "Cost" as shown here:
<setting name="Insurance Value" serializeAs="String">

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