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Shipper 3 is an e-commerce order management system by Structured Solutions for high velocity shipment processing. Shipping Agent is the web service component of the Shipper 3 system. Each Shipping Agent provides the interface between Shipper 3 and the online e-commerce web site.
There is a separate Shipping Agent for each supported e-commerce platform.

Installation Instructions

  1. Download the appropriate Shipping Agent for your platform.
  2. Run the installer (exe) or unzip the package (zip) to extract the Shipping Agent files to a directory on your computer.
  3. Copy the Shipping Agent files to your website as described in the readme.txt file that is extracted.
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All of the Shipping Agents will work immediately after you copy them to your site. No configuration is required.
However most Shipping Agents have at least one optional setting if you want to override a default behavior such as the way package insurance is calculated.

The configuration settings for each Shipping Agent are documented below.

Shipping Agent 3.6 and Above

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